Destiny of Choice by Nitin Shah

Realistic Goals & Growth Mindset in Destiny of Choice

Goal setting is a crucial aspect of achieving success in any field. By setting clear and specific goals, we can give direction and purpose to our lives, stay motivated and focused, and work towards achieving what we truly desire. In the book “Destiny of Choice”, Nitin learns about the importance of setting realistic and achievable […]

Power of Focus: Insights from ‘Destiny of Choice’ by Nitin

The power of focus is often understated when it comes to achieving our goals and living a happy and balanced life. But as the book “Destiny of Choice” by Nitin highlights, it is a crucial aspect in taking control of our own destinies and making the most of the choices we have. 5 Key Takeaways […]

Conquering Self-Doubt: Tips to Boost Confidence & Self-Belief

Self-doubt can be defined as a lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities. It is different from normal self-criticism in that it can be more persistent and overwhelming and negatively impact our lives and goals.  Causes of Self-doubt: The causes of self-doubt can be rooted in past experiences and failures, comparison to others, negative […]

Destiny of Choice: Adversity & Healthy Relationships

In today’s fast-paced world, adversity is something that we all face at some point in our lives. Whether it’s a difficult relationship, financial setback, or personal crisis, overcoming adversity can be daunting. But what if we told you there’s a way to turn the tables on adversity and come out on top? Overcoming Adversity “Destiny […]

Embrace Destiny: Healing from the Past and Nurturing Relationships


In the book “Destiny of Choice”, the author Nitin delves into the impact of past experiences and emotional baggage on current relationships. The author explores the ways in which our past experiences shape our present behaviours and attitudes towards relationships and how carrying emotional baggage from past relationships can affect our ability to form healthy […]

Resilient Choices: Navigating Setbacks and Embracing Destiny

Embracing destiny

Setbacks and failures are a natural part of the journey towards our goals. Whether a rejection in a job application, a failed exam, or a missed opportunity, we all experience setbacks and failures at some point in our lives. However, it’s how we deal with these challenges that determines whether we will ultimately be successful […]

Bridge to Connection: Nurturing Strong Relationships with Empathy

strong relationship

Introduction Relationships are an integral part of our lives. They shape who we are and how we see the world. It is no surprise that maintaining healthy relationships is essential for our overall well-being. In the book “Destiny of Choice”, the author Nitin delves into the intricacies of relationships and how we can improve them. […]

Unraveling Trust Issues: Paths to Healing & Growth

Understanding trust issues

Dealing with trust issues in relationships can be a difficult and overwhelming task, but it is not impossible. In the book “Destiny of Choice” by Nitin, the author emphasises the importance of self-awareness, self-reflection, open and honest communication, setting boundaries, and forgiveness in creating healthy relationships. This blog will delve into these key themes and […]

Balancing Realism and Optimism: A Guide to Positive Thinking

Guide to positive thinking

Definition of Positive Thinking Positive thinking is the act of focusing on the good in any situation and maintaining a hopeful and optimistic attitude. It is the practice of looking for the silver lining in every cloud and focusing on the opportunities rather than the obstacles. Positive thinking is a powerful tool that can help […]